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​All Good Bibes & Brew-Yoga classes are brewed by Detox Retox LLC Est. 2012. Classes are instructed by certified E-RYT200 Yoga Teachers. Elite runs coached and led by USATF Track Coach. 

Brew-Yoga is a Yoga class that also hosts a pre-class warm-up. Runners of ALL paces are encouraged to join us. If running's simply not your game, Yogis can show up 30-minutes after the displayed start time. For example, if the start time states 10:00 AM, then you can show up ready for a 10:30 AM Yoga class.

We style our classes in the tradition of Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga. If you enjoy your studio classes, then you'll notice little difference in the way we instruct our classes. We flow through a thoughtful set of sequences to our monthly Spotify soundtracks (https://open.spotify.com/user/detoxretoxla/playlist/3gEjY08LCCsq7psGmulOmM).

Brew-Yoga classes are a great workout. For many Yogis and athletes over the years, Brew-Yoga has been their weekly power-boosting workout. 

All weekly run + yoga classes are $15 and includes a draft beer. You can save even more with a class pack purchase. Contact us for a promo code.

Please consult your physician prior to engaging in strenuous and potentially dangerous activities such as running and Yoga.

Golden Road Brewery (Atwater Village) Next Class:
Description:  Run takes off at 9:00 AM and visits surrounding neighborhoods and the LA River.  All paces are welcome.  Yoga starts at 9:30 AM.  Class is a mixed flow suitable for all levels.  Expect to be challenged.  It might be the best workout all week.  Bring your mat!  Golden Road's kitchen offers some of the best vegan friendly pub food and a huge selection of craft beers.  Map
Angel City Brewery (DTLA) Next Class:
Description:  Run takes off at 10:00 AM and visits various landmarks in historic downtown and includes all walkers/ paces.  This is our strongest flow of the week, yet all levels are welcome.  Just expect to work. it. out.  We'll play around with half-inversions, maybe an arm balance or two, but class moves at a steady pace and before you know it, you're drenched in sweat, ready for a beer!  Map
General Assembly (Santa Monica)
Description:  Join us for a special pop-up with some new friends!  Although this isn't a brewery, we are conducting class as usual with a 2-mile pre-class run followed by Vinyasa Flow Yoga, craft beer, and vegan snacks.  The space is gorgeous and we'll run on the beach.  FYI:  General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills.  Map
Three Weavers Brewing (Inglewood) Next Class:
Description:  Run takes off at 10 AM and visits surrounding neighborhoods.  Run includes all walkers/ paces.  Yoga is athlete oriented with a focus on lower body and core.  Suitable, yet challenging for all levels.  Great for all endurance athletes and active lifestyles.  Class is indoors located in their gorgeous brewery facility.  One beer and vegan friendly brunch is included.  Map
Brouwerij West Brewery (San Pedro) Next Class
January 2017
T-Shirt included to all early registrations.  Forward you email confirmation with your size to rob@goodbibes.com.  Limited quantities and sizes. 
:  We open the lungs for an optional 2-mile run (available for ALL paces) around the marina.  With nice, heated core temp, we hit the mat and construct a total body workout for all levels.  No matter who you are, you will sweat.  And build strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility.  Class is led by a certified USATF track coach and E-RYT 200 Ashtanga Yoga instructor.  Craft beer and vegan-friendly snacks are included after class. 
LOS ANGELES RIVER 5K / 10K / HALF December 2nd 2017
Our 4th annual closed-course race event on the LA River near Griffith Park & Atwater Village.  Start and finish at Ferraro Soccer Field with a post-race run party at Golden Road Brewing where every finisher receives a pint.  Swag also includes tech-tee, medal, and awards for top-finishers.  Visit www.lariverhalf.com for more info or sign up here...



Rob Rice, founder, USATF Track Coach and E-RYT 200 Ashtanga Yoga Instructor.  Leads "dynamic flow," an energetic and powerful set of sequences designed to keep the heart rate up and leave you refreshed and alive! 
Abica Dubay, E-RYT 200 Yoga instructor, competitive masters swimmer, and total backpacking guru.  An excellent teacher, Abica's classes form an arc of thoughtful sequences designed to boost endurance, strength, and flexibility. 


Detox Retox Events began with our first brewery Yoga class in 2012.  We soon after incorporated running with our workouts and have even expanded into larger organized endurance events.  Runs and classes are led by USATF track coach and E-RYT 200 Yoga instructors, providing each participant with correct form, mechanics, and input on routines they can continue beyond class.  The classes are challenging.  We get you up and moving and we don't stop for 90-minutes.  We do Yoga in breweries because why not?  We've been doing it for nearly 5-years and it's become a national phenomenon. 
Running helps generate internal heat and prepare the body for Yoga.  Although running is not an essential element of Yoga, it can be an excellent booster to your total fitness level. 

Great workout led by certified instructors and trained athletes and coaches.  If you're a Yogi, athlete, or endurance runner/ swimmer we can help you round out your practice and cross-training programs with thoughtful and personalized instruction. 
Beer is included with every class and event.  We are literally the brewery-Yoga pioneers in the US.  We will never cram classes into strange spaces but you may be visited by the smells and sounds of an active micro-brewery. 


“Cheers" is originally a dark-age tradition where two landowners would bump jars of ale, spilling contents from one into the other – eliminating any funny business, i.e. poison.  Annexing land from the recently deceased back then was not so frowned upon as it is now.  Namaste means… bullocks!  Cheers and Namaste both mean, “we cool!”


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